BridgeTown Swing 2002 Results

Novice WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Pete Green and Melinda Thumberg
  2. John Kirkconnell and Cindy Scott
  3. Sam Elmore and Tegan Mulholland
  4. Ben Gamble and Pamela Podmoroff
  5. Austin Mellinger and Asya Kamsky
Intermediate WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Marco Widharta and Edie Jarvis
  2. Phillips Babcock and Debra Raden
  3. Murray McCreary and Donna Mook
  4. Steve Dorman and Karen Willer
  5. Chuck Coy and Trina Siebert
Advanced WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Eric Allen and Linda Fletcher
  2. Ian Kirkconnell and Peggy Allen
  3. Greg Pisano and Rhonda Shotts
  4. Christian Jones and Tessa Cunningham
  5. Rich Lundin and Alicia Leo
Invitational WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Wayne Bott and Tatiana Mollmann
  2. Christopher Hussey and Sharlot Bott
  3. Jordan Frisbee and Pamela Ford
  4. Manny Viarrial and Tatiana Mollmann
  5. Chuck Brown and Nancy Goldberg
Open Hustle Jack & Jill
  1. Greg Pisano and Karen Willer
  2. Murray McCreary and Jean Brinton
  3. Greg Logan and Mary Weatherby
  4. Greg Krolicki and Asya Kamsky
  5. Steve Dorman and Susan Kraemer
Open Night Club 2-Step Jack & Jill
  1. Greg Pisano and Barbara Zito
  2. Murray McCreary and Helen Jones
  3. Joseph Wasser and Edie Jarvis
  4. Austin Mellinger and Janet Munson
  5. Greg Pisano and Jean Brinton
Open Strictly Lindy
  1. Evrim Icoz and Brenda Morris
  2. Kevin O’Brien and Mija Sanders
  3. Pete Green and Leah deForest
  4. Christopher Hussey and Tegan Mulholland
  5. Shawn Fels and Sara Fels
WCS Strictly Swing – Lower Division
  1. John Kirkconnell and Pamela Podmoroff
  2. Pete Green and Leah deForest
  3. Joseph Wasser and Melinda Thumberg
  4. Sam Elmore and Tegan Mulholland
  5. Austin Mellinger and Jolene Surine
WCS Strictly Swing – Upper Division
  1. Jordan Frisbee and Sharlot Bott
  2. Wayne Bott and Tatiana Mollmann
  3. Manny Viarrial and Debra Raden
  4. Eric Allen and Tamara Allen
  5. Greg Pisano and Alicia Leo
Classic – Amateur Division
  1. John Phillips and Peggy Allen
  2. Marco Widharta and Trina Siebert
  3. Joseph Wasser and Mary Weatherby
Classic – Professional Division
  1. Wayne Bott and Sharlot Bott
  2. Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann
  3. Christopher Desjardins and Linda Fletcher
Amateur Overall

Pete Green and Melinda Thumberg

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