BridgeTown Swing 2003 Results

Novice WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Austin Mellinger and Andrea Hall
  2. Paul-Andre Panon and Mary Weatherby
  3. Peter Bailey and Leah deForest
  4. Sonny Thammasouk and Jolene Surine
  5. David Lim and Deborah Calano
Intermediate WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Pete Green and Pamela Podmoroff
  2. Nathan Hayes and Melissa Finke
  3. Pete Green and Trina Siebert
  4. Marco Widharta and Patti Conley
  5. Ben Gamble and Susan Kraemer
Advanced WCS Jack & Jill
  1. John Kirkconnell and Csilla Madocsai
  2. Will Carlton and Alicia Leo
  3. Greg Pisano and Pat Layton
Invitational WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Gary Jobst and Tessa Cunningham
  2. Angel Figueroa and Lisa Fay
  3. Christopher Desjardins and Debbie Figueroa
  4. Christopher Hussey and Nancy Heaverlo
  5. Eric Allen and Tessa Cunningham
Open Night Club 2-Step Jack & Jill
  1. Greg Pisano and Monica Schilling
  2. Murray McCreary and Csilla Madocsai
  3. Sonny Thammasouk and Melissa Finke
  4. Austin Mellinger and Susan Kraemer
  5. Christopher Desjardins and Brianne Green
Open Lindy Jack & Jill
  1. Stefan Durham and Geralyn Schultz
  2. Pete Green and Lily Harned
  3. Justin Wilcox and Trudy Thatcher
  4. Rob Donnan and Tegan Mulholland
  5. Larry Peacock and Heidi Bertman
WCS Strictly Swing – Lower Division
  1. Will Carlton and Honey Van Eecke
  2. Austin Mellinger and Sandra Gallagher
  3. Matthew Loukopoulos and Carol Gagne
  4. Richard Maruyama and Csilla Madocsai
  5. Paul-Andre Panon and Lily Harned
WCS Sophisticated Strictly Swing
  1. Murray McCreary and Glenna Cooke
  2. Bill Vogel and Linda West
  3. Paul Booth and Melinda Booth
WCS Strictly Swing – Upper Division
  1. Manny Viarrial and Sylvia Sykes
  2. Angel Figueroa and Debbie Figueroa
  3. Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham
  4. Eric Allen and Tamara Allen
  5. Christopher Desjardins and Linda Fletcher
Classic – Amateur Division
  1. Marco Widharta and Trina Siebert
  2. Pete Green and Leah deForest
  3. Will Shaver and Christina Jamerson
Amateur Overall

Will Carlton and Trina Siebert

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