BridgeTown Swing 2004 Results

Pro/Am WCS Jack & Jill (Pro Followers)
  1. Mark Johnston and Sharlot Bott
  2. Philip Chao and Pat Layton
  3. John Cookson and Nancy Heaverlo
  4. Jean Guy Lafarier and Giovanna Dottore
  5. Slawek Porowski and Sarah Vann Drake
Pro/Am WCS Jack & Jill (Pro Leads)
  1. Michael Eads and Trudy Thatcher
  2. Manny Viarrial and Leah deForest
  3. Myles Munroe and Carol Gagne
  4. Wayne Bott and Robin Wells
  5. Jordan Frisbee and Sherry Bourgeault
Novice WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Sam Elmore and Honey VanEecke
  2. Austin Mellinger and Erica Lyons
  3. Darren Shepard and Bethany Powell
  4. Stefan Durham and Margaret Floyd
  5. David Lim and Jane Craven
Intermediate WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Justin Zugish and Brianne Green
  2. Matthew Loukopoulos and Sandra Gallagher
  3. Marco Widharta and Leah deForest
  4. Paul Yap and Anna Arispe
  5. Paul Booth and Edie Jarvis-Fast
Advanced WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Pete Green and Michelle Kusanovich
  2. Murray McCreary and Michele Perron
  3. John Kirkconnell and Michelle Kusanovich
  4. Ian Kirkconnell and Jolene Surine
  5. Richard Maruyama and Dee Becker
Masters WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Murray McCreary and Dee Becker
  2. Paul Yap and Linda West
  3. Jean Guy Lafarier and Paula Wood
  4. Ian Kirkconnell and Lyn McKay
  5. Mark Johnston and Shana Weeks
Invitational WCS Jack & Jill
  1. Kyle Redd and Sharlot Bott
  2. Jordan Frisbee and Giovanna Dottore
  3. Wayne Bott and Nancy Heaverlo
  4. Myles Munroe and Tatiana Mollmann
  5. Michael Eads and Sarah Vann Drake
Open Night Club 2-Step Jack & Jill
  1. Myles Munroe and Pamela Podmoroff
  2. Ian Kirkconnell and Trina Siebert
  3. Myles Munroe and Trudy Thatcher
  4. Greg Van Wijk and Jane Craven
  5. Philip Chao and Helen Jones
Open Lindy Jack & Jill
  1. Stefan Durham and Geralyn Schultz
  2. Pete Green and Lily Harned
  3. Justin Wilcox and Trudy Thatcher
  4. Rob Donnan and Tegan Mulholland
  5. Larry Peacock and Heidi Bertman
Masters WCS Strictly Swing
  1. Ian Kirkconnel and Dee Becker
  2. Murray McCreary and Donna Mook
  3. Mark Johnston and Trudy Thatcher
  4. Paul Booth and Melinda Booth
  5. Jim Long and Robin Wells
WCS Strictly Swing – Lower Division
  1. Austin Mellinger and Honey Van Eecke
  2. David Lim and Erica Lyons
  3. Matthew Loukopoulos and Carol Gagne
  4. Stefan Durham and Bethany Powell
  5. Marco Widharta and Trina Siebert
WCS Strictly Swing – Upper Division
  1. Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann
  2. Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake
  3. Myles Munroe and Giovanna Dottore
  4. Manny Viarrial and Tessa Cunningham
  5. Nathan Miller and Patti Jobst
Classic – Open
  1. John Kirkconnell and Pamela Podmoroff
  2. Clark Petri and Tovah Humme
  3. Jerry Slaughter and Michelle Slaughter
Amateur Overall

Austin Mellinger and Honey Van Eecke

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