From the Oval Office

Summer Fun

May 31st, 2009. Posted by PSDC President

Dear Fellow Dancer,

At last we’ve finally emerged from our dark, grey NW winter and have had some glorious sunshine! The warmth and light makes me want to do one thing: PARTY!!!! So with that in mind, I am inviting you all to join us for Sizzlin’ Summer Swing on June 27th. Come one, come all, and bring your friends to the Norse Hall because we are going to start this summer right! John Kirkconnell, our charming, funny, creative, and very talented friend from Canada, will be here teaching a couple of great lessons, we’ll be having WCS and NC2 contests, a tasty meal, and a dance with at least, count ’em, four, but I’m guessin’ more, outrageously good DJs. You can buy the whole enchilada for a mere $25 presale or $30 at the door. We’ve taken our normal 4th Saturday dance and turbo-charged it! We’ll be having fun in June and proceeds for the event will be the “seed money” our club needs to keep BridgeTown Swing going strong in September. Please contact Jennie Beyerl or any other board member to volunteer, for more information about the event, or to buy a ticket.

While Sizzlin’ Summer Swing will be starting us off strong, there are also a couple of other opportunities to support WCS and PSDC this summer. Please pitch in to help decorate the Swing Room at the Portland Dance Festival (the theme this year is the Mad Hatter’s Ball), come to the club dance that will be held there on the 2nd Saturday in July, and engage in a little friendly competition in the WSDC-sponsored Jack ‘n Jills and Just Dance events and pro-ams that are Sunday’s highlight. PDF has a long tradition of great Country and West Coast Dancing. We plan to be there with our boots on!

Then there are our regular club dances. Dance directors live to dance too, so sign up to work the door for a mere half-hour and let Sarah Spathas get her dance on! We need helpers at the door and we are in desperate need for folks who are willing to take some pictures at the dances. Can you help?

Of course, we’re also looking ahead to PSDC’s big event, Bridge Town Swing. Every year it is our friendly local volunteers that make BTS memorable and a rockin’ good time. It’s not too early to contact the board about volunteering and/or to give us feedback about what we can do to make BridgeTown better and better. This is our club and our great event. Please do whatever you can to help it grow.

Oh, and speaking of growing, I am proud to say that, despite starting the year in a deficit, we have managed to pull ourselves out and are moving toward rebuilding our reserve and creating a financially efficient Bridgetown that still offers the quality event we expect. This growth is absolutely down to you, our members. As of this writing, we are holding strong at 246 member! That’s a phenomenal number in tough economic times and a 20% increase over our 2008 membership! You guys rock!!! Thank you to our “veterans” for renewing and for our new dancers for joining.

I wish us all a wonderful summer of BBQs, fishing, camping, swimming, vacations, and other outdoor activities, but please remember to save some time for dancing with your friends at PSDC—the AC at Norse Hall has been working fabulously well! Grab somebody and let’s dance!

Kristy Brehm
President, PSDC

P.S. What’s the difference between a beginner and the rest of us? Experience, practice, and confidence! So ask a beginner to dance!!!

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