PSDC Membership

We would like to invite you into a family of dancers who share your passion to dance. We hope to create a dance atmosphere that is welcoming to beginning and experienced dancers alike. The Portland Swing Dance Club is born out of a desire for people to thrive with West Coast Swing.

We are a non-profit organization. The membership dues, dance income, and donations go back into the dance community. The Board of Directors operate as a volunteer service. By becoming a member, you will be a part of our mission to foster the growth of West Coast Swing in the Northwest. We value each and every member. Without you, there is no club.

Discount at Dances and Workshops

Every member pays just $7 at each dance rather than $12 for guests. So if you play by the numbers, you will save over $110 per year on just dances alone. Come to our workshops with pros, and your savings get better and better.

Regional clubs will also honor your membership for their dances. Visiting Seattle? Dance with Seattle friends at the Seattle Swing Club’s membership price if you’re a PSDC member. Likewise, if you are visiting from another dance club, you get to take advantage of our club’s membership prices too.

How Much is Membership?

Our membership fee is $30 per year. Your membership is good for one year from the day you signed up.

Join the PSDC

Come to any of our dances and sign up as a PSDC Member at the front desk. We take checks or cash for the membership fee of $30. You may also pay with a Visa credit card with a service fee.

You can also download the electronic application below, fill it out, and mail it with your check to:

The Portland Swing Dance Club
P.O. Box 6761
Portland, OR 97228-6761

Download PSDC Membership Form (530 KB PDF)

Make a Difference

Want to get involved? The Portland Swing Dance Club operates by volunteers. We help each other out in setting up dances, preparing refreshments, organizing fun events, creating a newsletter, scrapbooking, and much more. Please contact us for information on how you can make an investment to change people’s lives through dance.

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