Myles and Tessa’s Swing Literacy Development Method Training & Certification at BridgeTown Swing 2016

August 9th, 2016. Posted by David Lim

Teacher Training: Swing Literacy Development Method “Teaching Lab”
Are you already a WCS teacher or aspiring to be one?
Do you care to give your students a better learning experience?
Do ever feel “there must be a better way”?

Bridgetown Swing is proud to offer the SLDM Teaching Lab at this year’s event!

It is Part 2 of the SLDM Program (see below), open to anyone who has completed Part 1: Theory Module. To qualify for the Teaching Lab at Bridgetown, you must complete the Theory Module before Sept 22.

About the SLDM Teacher Education Program
A 3-part, comprehensive training program that is quickly becoming the gold standard of teaching WCS. Using the skill development approach universal to sports, the SLDM provides an organic, progressive syllabus that flips the traditional WCS teaching model upside down.

This is a game changer: New teachers build a solid and authentic foundation that will set them ahead of the game. Experienced teachers jubilantly renovate their programs and enjoy exponentially higher returns. Dancers achieve a deeper level of WCS competency, fun, and addiction.

The SLDM consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: Theory Module: 15-hour interactive online course: work at your own pace
Part 2: Teaching Lab: Access to regular live SLDM Teaching Labs
Part 3: Teaching Practicum: Guided assignments, like personal coaching on your teaching

More information and registration at

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