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Welcome to the Portland Swing Dance Club Transparency Portal! Below you will find links to Board of Directors (BOD) meeting minutes, Conflict of Interest forms, Bridgetown Swing Profit/Loss Information, and other pertinent items the current BOD believes all PSDC members should be able to access quickly and easily. Please join us as we pilot this program and work to improve it over this year. If you have feedback on the format, or other items you would like listed, please to not hesitate to send an email to the president. Thank you!

2015 Spring Survey Results!


PSDC Club Bylaws

PSDC Bylaws_updated_november_2016

2017 PSDC Board of Directors
  • President – Larry Sanders
  • Vice President – Richard Greco
  • Secretary – Gwen Francy
  • Treasurer – Bob White
  • Dance Director – Carole Duttlinger
  • Promotions – Karen Greco
  • Events – Tim O’Brien
  • Membership – Sue Chinn
  • Newsletter/Historian – Sue Gray
  • Facilities Director – Vacant


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minute Archive

Conflict of Interest Forms for Board of Directors
Conflict of Interest Forms for Bridgetown Swing Committee
Bridgetown Swing Information

BTS High Level Financials

BTS Profit/Loss Information

2017 BTS Committee Members

  • Richard Greco
  • Carla Titus
  • Jennie Beyerl
  • Chris Jones
  • Michelle Dumas
  • Charles Thomas
  • Karen Greco
  • Bob Smith
Miscellaneous Items:

Typical Dance Expenses



Portland Swing Dance Club BridgeTown Swing